What we Do

Our focus is simple...

Award Winning Assistance

Year after year CMG is recognized for their stellar relationships with both clients and vendors–we excel at managing the myriad moving parts necessary for fluid vendor interactions and a successful project.

Complete Services

Deploying servers and line of business applications, providing training, or executing complex conversions–we provide complete¬†solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core business.

Total Support

We have expertise and certifications in a broad range of products and technologies likely to be used in your firm, and the experience to make them work well together.

We partner with your firm to integrate your software and processes, thus freeing staff to accomplish goals and achieve results. Circle Management Group analyzes and optimizes your current environment, and provides suggestions for how other problematic business areas may be substantially improved.

Our expertise makes a difference to our clients, and we welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you.

About CMG

CMG is an independent consulting firm that provides focused solutions based on complete workflow analysis. We identify and implement technologies that are the best fit for your practice and staff.

Be Different

Every business is different. Intrinsically understanding those differences is what makes us successful at what we do. Contact us today so we can make a difference in your firm.